Our first reaction to any situation involving [wildlife] animals is to end the problem – like literally end them. Sounds easy, right? Depending on where you live, it could get you in a lot of trouble with the law. Remember that with many animal activists today, more regulations are in place to protect animals, however ‘wild’ they may be.
Certain animals like raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, and even snakes are considered protected wildlife. If you want to remove animals from your home or even your office, check the laws in your state about wildlife removal in Tampa, Florida because you might need to secure a permit before doing any dispatch or removal.

Signs of Wildlife Infestation

Most animals or pests can reproduce rapidly under the right conditions. It is imperative that at the first signs of infestation or evidence from pests or animals in your home is to immediately address the problem. Disregarding the infestation may mean more tiny critters in your home.
Here are the early signs of animal infestation or rodent infestation may include:

At Critter and Wildlife, we suggest that you take a proactive approach against these critters with an annual inspection. Homeowners [or business owners] that do not have a professional wildlife inspector check their homes [or office] are taking a real chance. Critters are always drawn to conducive conditions. Sadly, the warm shelter and food they find in your homes are just irresistible to critters, especially in winter months.

How to Protect Your Home from Wildlife

Even with new home safety guidelines, your home is highly susceptible to wildlife entering into it. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, rats, snakes, foxes, mice, etc. can make their way easily. You can also find varied bird species entering through these points. The primary entry points include ridge cap and chimneys under the porch roof, vents, drip edge, soffits, under siding, etc. All these animals end up making a big mess damaging your attic and walls. It would help if you had proper wildlife solutions to keep them off your home.

Initial Inspection

Our wildlife removal specialist will conduct a complete interior and exterior assessment of your home, including the garage, attic, and basement, to identify types and locations of the infestation and possible entry points for these critters.

Wildlife Removal

Once the culprit is identified, we will humanely and adequately take care of trapping and removing any unwelcome wildlife and/or rodents in your property.

Damage Repair & Exclusion

After damage control, we will take care of the damage repair left by your critters and seal off all entry points to ensure that re-entry is impossible for other animals.

Follow Up Inspection

Once we have completed all of the above, we will return and re-inspect your property to ensure that our job is done.

Why Work with Critter and Wildlife Removal

Critter and Wildlife Removal LLC’s advocacy is for humane animal removal and environmentally responsible methods for managing nuisance animal problems. We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal removal services for homeowners and businesses alike. Because of government cuts, much of wildlife control and animal removal is left in private individuals. However, wildlife removal is laborious, expensive, and even hazardous for untrained individuals. We offer various wildlife removal services to eliminate your animal problems and prevent recurring issues that require professional assistance.