Wildlife Removal in Tampa, Florida

It may not be every day that you’ll find wildlife wandering around in your property, but that does not mean that they do not exist – that they aren’t there. This wildlife is usually lurking in the corners of your property like your attic, basement, and in the garage. They can contaminate food, spread germs, and diseases, and can also destroy the electrical wiring and insulation inside your property.

Signs of Wildlife Infestation

Common wildlife problems involve animals like raccoons, bat, opossum, and others.Here are some of the common symptoms of wildlife infestation include:

  • Squeaking or scratching sounds coming from your walls or attic
  • Rustling sounds coming from under your home or deck
  • Uncommon sounds that are typically louder at night or dusk
  • Garbage cans turned over and trash scattered around
  • Urine stains on ceilings or floors that are brown and have a strong odor
  • Poop droppings around your home that are small and brown
  • Wood chips or gnaw marks on electrical wiring or walls

Why Get a Professional Wildlife Removal Service in Tampa, Florida

Wildlife infestation is not something homeowners would like to be dealing with. These critters are uninvited guests that cause problems inside the house that needs a lot of attention. When you think about it, wildlife infestation is not an easy task – it requires a lot of work that most likely homeowners do have the patience and expertise to handle. This is why it is best to hire a professional wildlife removal service provider, especially if you live in Tampa, Florida.

Reasons to Hire Professional Wildlife Removal Experts


Unless you have the experience and tools required to handle wildlife, it is advisable to hire the professionals who will do the job the right way. Their knowledge and expertise make it possible to remove these pests in the safest way possible.

Comprehensive Solution

Wildlife professionals deal with all kinds of infestations, and because of this, you know that they’d fare better in the task than you will. They have a systematic method they do before deciding on the best course of action. If you are concerned about future infestations, they also address the possible causes of the outbreak to minimize the chances of future infestations.

Humane Practices

Have you ever dealt with wildlife infestation? If you did, it would be safe to assume that you used pesticides and traps. However, with professional wildlife control like us, you can expect to have these critters removed humanly. Professionals have all it takes to remove these animals using the most humane way possible.

Quick Removal

As professionals, we use pain-free wildlife trapping methods, and we also act swiftly. Homeowners with tight schedules cannot afford to waste any more time in experimenting with DIY removal methods. Working with a professional takes care of the need to try out different solutions. Moreover, you also get a quick and efficient fix to the infestation at an affordable rate.

Critter and Wildlife Removal Services

Critter and Wildlife Removal offers a fully integrated wildlife control program specially designed to remove unwanted critters and make sure that they do not come back.
Our program includes:

  • Inspection. Identify the critter involved, the entry points, and conditions that might be attracting wildlife.
  • Trapping and Removal. Humanely trap and remove unwanted critters
  • Exclusion. Close up all potential entry points to your home
  • Follow-Up Inspection. Ensure that the critters don’t return
  • Clean Up and Execution Plan. Assist in clean up and make sure the wildlife can’t return