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Snake Removal in Tampa, FL

Snake Removal in Tampa, FL

Snake Removal in Tampa, Lakeland, Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg, FL

Snakes can cause people to feel anxious and make them uncomfortable. If you have snakes in your home or in your yard in the Tampa, FL area, you will need to have them removed by a professional like Critter and Wildlife Removal Services.  We offer the best Snake Removal Service in Tampa, leading with friendly service!  Call today to find out more about snake removal in Tampa, Bradenton, or Orlando! 

When people see snakes in their home or in their garden or yard, they might feel scared. Snakes have sharp fangs and will bite if they feel threatened or if you try to harm them. Some snakes are venomous, meaning they inject toxic venom into their victims. Non-venomous snakes don’t inject their victims with venom, but their bites can still be very painful.  Never try to identify a snake on your property yourself, contact us and one of our Tampa based, local snake experts will reach out to schedule an inspection. 

Our local snake experts in Tampa also serve the following areas:

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Why Are There Snakes In My Yard in Tampa?

Snakes are attracted to food sources and a dark, warm shelter. It is important to keep pests away from your property and out of your home.

If you have mice or rats in your yard or inside your home, they might be attracting snakes to your property.  Snakes will hang around your property in Tampa, FL if they locate a renewable food source like mice or rats.  

So, having a proper rodent control program for your home in Tampa is critical to not seeing any snakes in your home and on your property.  

Contact us today for a snake removal inspection and estimate in Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas! 

How To Get Rid Of Snakes? | Tampa Snake Control

Our skilled wildlife technicians will be able to remove snakes from your property. Never try to trap or remove snakes on your own because snakes can be dangerous. Critter and Wildlife Removal Services offers professional snake removal services in Tampa, Clearwater, Lakeland and the surrounding areas.  If you’re looking to get rid of snakes in Tampa, give us a call today to schedule an estimate. 

How to Prevent Snakes in Tampa | Snake Prevention Service

There are some things you can do to prevent snakes from nesting on your property or getting into your home in Tampa, FL.  Snakes are drawn to food sources and, if available, mice and rats are the perfect dinner for snakes!  If you have mice or rats in your attic in Tampa, you should have a rodent treatment plan to get rid of them.  If you eliminate the food source of snakes, you’ll have a greater chance of never encountering a snake on your property or in your attic space! 

If there are holes or openings that might allow snakes inside, you should have them sealed and repaired. It is important to have pest populations controlled and water sources removed. If you have birdbaths, avoid filling them. If you live by a natural water source, snakes will naturally be drawn to your property and it is important to have preventative treatments on a routine basis.

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For snake trapping and snake removal Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, and Brandon, Florida, contact us today to schedule your wildlife inspection.

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