Snake Removal in Tampa: How to Get Rid of Snakes

Snake removal in Tampa is as common as seeing birds fly. There are a total of 44 species of native snakes in Florida, four of them are venomous. And if you are not into taking care of snake removal on your own, keeping the number of your closest pest control is very important.

Tampa’s venomous snakes are located in the outer areas of Tampa Bay Metro, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, and Hernando County areas. For Snake Removal in your area, please call us immediately. The typical snake complaints we receive consist of the following:

· Snakes within the yard.
· A snake within the pool.
· A snake within the lanai.
· A venomous snake within the yard.
· Snake in the home.
· Poisonous snakes around my home.
· Florida Snake Identification
· Florida Snake Regulations

Did you know that it’s illegal to harm in Florida, kill, remove from the wild, or keep snakes from the wild, without proper permits, including native and non-native species? Don’t attempt to handle, kill, or catch snakes. Don’t release captive snakes into the wild either. Contact Critter and Wildlife Removal for speedy snake identification, removal, or pest control. Be ready to contact a hospital if a snake has bitten you.

There are two sorts of venomous snakes in Florida, and those are the Crotaliae or Pit Vipers and Elapidae.

How to Get Rid of Snakes

From time to time, expect unwelcomed snakes if you live in an area where snakes are a common thing. A lot of people are scared of snakes, and honestly, people panic when they see one. Keep snakes away with these handy tips that you and your family can do if you want to DIY.

1. Use the hose
2. Create your snake repellent
3. Break out the condiments
4. A hairy solution

How to chase a snake away

If you notice a snake that you think might be venomous, call pest control immediately. But if you recognize it’s as a non-venomous snake and only wish it might be taken away, chasing it off is often as easy as reaching for the hose. Spray the snake until it slithers away, hopefully before you get the creeps.
DIY snake repellent

If snakes seem always to find their way into your yard, keep them away with ammonia. Snakes hate the smell and won’t come near it. Immerse rags in ammonia and put them in unsealed plastic bags. Leave the plastic bags where you always see the snakes, and that they won’t come again.

Keeping snakes far away from your pool

To keep snakes and even bugs like flies far away from your pool – pour white vinegar around the perimeter. Snakes can absorb liquids through their skin, and won’t slither over the vinegar. Meanwhile, it’s the same for teenagers and pets!

Another way to stay away from snakes

Believe it or not, snakes dislike humans even very much like we dislike them. It is easy to keep snakes out of your yard – let them know that humans live there! To try this, save the hair from your hairbrush and sprinkle it around your property’s perimeter. Snakes will smell the hair and avoid going anywhere near your house.

Getting rid of snakes isn’t an easy task. Hence, it is better if you hire snake control services in Tampa, Florida. Critter and Wildlife Removal can help you to protect your home from snakes.

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