Rodent Removal in Tampa Florida

Seeing one rodent inside your home can mean that there is a whole family of rodents living in your home’s basement, the walls, or in and between stored items. They are most active at night and move around a lot during this time. Do you think you are headed to rodent removal in your Tampa home? Here are some steps to prep you for rodent removal services.

Prep for Rodent Removal

  • Ensure all food which isn’t in jar or a can is saved in plastic container or the fridge throughout. Check and make sure that it would end for two weeks. These includes chips, nuts, sweets, cereals, bread, some other grain-based meals, pet foods, etc., which are typically stored in lower or upper cabinets, on counter tops, or in addition to the refrigerator.
  • Fix any holes in walls, around baseboards, or doors that don’t seal properly (apartment residents should report these to management for repair). This is because mice can input openings as little as 1/4 rats and inch as 1/2 inch in diameter through holes as small.
  • Discuss important situations to your technician once they arrive. Making note of places where signs of rodents have been seen. This way, you can help the technician set up baits and traps.
  • Get rid of unimportant things like boxes that gets in the way, papers that could mess up baits and everything the rodents can take shelter.
  • To continue control further, clean the house and regularly wash, sweep and vacuum the house. Regularly take out the garbage and maintain all places clean as possible
  • Use the right light bulb. Bulbs that have orange, yellow, or pink tints is least attractive to the pests.

Make sure to follow your professional technician’s advice so rodent removal can be effective. If your in Tampa, Florida and thinking of getting an effective rodent removal services, give us a call and we will make your rodent removal hassle free.