Rat Removal in Tampa, Florida

Rats prefer to live where folks live. They quickly adjust to the neighborhood and can flourish on an ounce of water and food. When they enter a neighborhood and gain access to meat, fish, vegetables and grains, they tend to stay. Not only these rats can cause damage to your property but they bring so many diseases and health hazards to you and your family.  You’re well-off living in Tampa, Florida because Critter and Wildlife is one call away to assist you for your rat removal needs.

Rat Removal in Tampa, Florida

It is easier to keep rats out than once they’ve moved in. However, taking these steps help control rats.

Do not feed rats. By putting trash in metal or heavy duty plastic garbage containers Restrict their food source. The heavy duty plastic cans wheels are resistant to rats’ chewing are metal cans. Repair their own water resource to reduce. Maintain yard and the home tidy and tidy. Remove. Do not fill your bird feeder . Store food in containers that are rat-resistant. Avoid storing food.

Inside, replace basement floors with poured concrete. Place storage racks. Move sinks, appliances and cabinets out far enough which you can clean them behind or so they are flush against the wall. Outdoors, limit their shelter from eliminating shelters such as junk piles appliances, old fences and walls and rat-proofing all buildings in the region. Maintain the property, including lawns and alleys, trash-free and clean. Wood and other stored items at 18 inches above the ground and away from the walls. Clean out the area behind steps, especially those leading into the house.

Put in self-closing doors that open outward, and use latches or spring locks to keep doors closed. Check to see that doors and windows close tightly, and use metal screens on all windows that are kept open. Protect basement windows with a 1/2 inch wire mesh (called hardware cloth). Cover the edges of doors, windows and screens, which can be gnawed, with sheet metal or hardware cloth. Make a collar around pipe and wire openings into the house with pieces of sheet metal or tin cans. Rats cannot easily gnaw through metal. Fasten floor drains tightly to keep sewer rats from coming in.

Keeping the Situation Under Control

Once the rat infestation is under control, the goal is to prevent them . Help yourself and your neighbors by keeping trash picked up and placed in covered, rat-resistant containers. Promptly remove or fix any shelter areas, like older appliances and fences. Periodically check into neighborhood buildings, and seal them up fast. It is a community issue if you do have rats and the neighborhood should work together.

The sooner you know rats have entered your home, the more easy it will be to get rid of them. Critter and Wildlife removal services in Tampa, Florida is here to help you for your rat removal needs.