Raccoon Removal Tips: What to Do When Raccoons Raid Your Trash

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that have the ultimate tendency to raid trash. They rummage through your bins and visit your gardens during ungodly hours. Unfortunately for the homeowners, they have to clean up after the mess of these little night raiders.

These animals are also quite deceivingly cute with their fuzz, black mask of fur, and bushy tails. However, they may destroy your yard, harm your pets, or be vicious when approached by humans. People must also be careful because raccoons are carriers of rabies, leptospirosis, roundworms, among others. So to avoid any more nuisance from these critters, here are some raccoon removal tips on what to do when raccoons raid your trash.

1. Change your trash collection practices

You may be used to just placing your garbage on the curb, but perhaps it is smarter to keep them inside a secure trash bin. Changing trash collection habits can be especially useful when you are used to just leave garbage outside overnight. If possible, only take out your trash in the morning right before the garbage truck picks it up instead of the night before to ensure that no unnecessary mess happens.

2. Secure your garbage bins

If your garbage cans inside the house are already full or foul-smelling and you do not have any option but to take it out before garbage collection, then secure your trash and garbage bins by using a secure lid. Using sturdy trash cans and double bag trash bags to contain smells will also secure your garbage. Raccoons are intelligent and curious creatures, so extra protection such as a tied cord, putting weight on the lid, or using other lid locks may also do the trick.

3. Build a yard fence

Building a fence may not be totally raccoon-proof, but this can serve as additional protection or deterrent to minimize your home’s accessibility to the little animals.

4. Use animal repellent on your trash

To deter raccoons and other animals from raiding your trash, use animal repellent that will conceal pungent smells that attract them, and eventually, discourage them from rummaging through your garbage.

5. Remove any possible food source

Raccoons may be in your yard not just because of the garbage but because there are other food sources for these trash pandas. So any possible food source in your yard can be a potential target. It is therefore smart to put your pet’s food inside at night, tidying up fallen fruit around your yard, removing bird feeders at nighttime or totally, and harvesting ripe vegetables in your garden.

6. Employ professional removal services

When raccoons still raid your trash or visit your garden to leave their natural bombs or destroy your garden, it might be time to employ safe and professional wildlife animal removal and control. Critter and Wildlife Removal offers raccoon removal in Tampa and nearby areas. Employing professional removal services entails that wildlife removal experts have not just equipment and tools but also the experience to get unwanted animals off your property safely and efficiently.

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