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Raccoon Removal in Tampa, FL

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Raccoon Removal in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Largo, Florida

Raccoons can be a nuisance to homeowners in places like Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon, FL.  They will get into your attic space, destroy your insulation, and make their new home right above your head!  But, don’t worry, Critter and Wildlife Removal are experts in raccoon removal in Tampa, FL. 

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals by nature and can carry a lot of bacteria and parasites which can contribute to the transmission of harmful viruses and diseases like raccoon roundworm, histoplasmosis and rabies. It is important to hire a professional wildlife removal company like Critter and Wildlife Removal Services. Critter and Wildlife Removal Services proudly provides humane Raccoon Removal in Tampa and Raccoon Trapping in Tampa.  

Contact us today for an estimate for raccoon removal in Tampa, FL by calling 813-680-3167.

Raccoon Trapping in Tampa, FL

If you have raccoons on your property or inside your home, you will need to have them professionally removed or trapped. Raccoons can be aggressive and might inflict bites or scratches if they feel uncomfortable or scared. So, it is always recommending that you leave raccoon trapping in Tampa or the surrounding areas to wildlife trapping professionals.

Critter and Wildlife Removal Services offers raccoon trapping in Tampa and humane raccoon removal in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Brandon, Riverview and Town ‘n’ County, FL.

Contact us today for an estimate for raccoon trapping in Tampa, FL by calling 813-680-3167.

Raccoon Removal in Tampa

Why Are There Raccoons In My Yard in Tampa?

Raccoons will get into trash cans and will nest under decks and porches and inside sheds. If you have a raccoon on your property, you most likely have a food source that they are interested in. Raccoons might be interested in the cat food you have been leaving out for an outdoor cat or the dinner you threw into the garbage can from the night before.

The best method for removing a raccoon from your yard is to trap and remove the animal. 

If you have a raccoon in your yard in Tampa, FL, contact us today for an estimate for removing it from your property. 

Raccoon in Attic in Tampa | Attic Raccoon Removal

Do you hear scratching, gnawing or movement in the attic? There may be a raccoon in your attic!  Our team specializes in removing raccoons in attics in Tampa, FL.  If you are hearing noises in your attic, don’t hesitate, give us a call today to investigate your attic space and determine exactly what type of raccoon removal or wildlife issue you are having.  

Attics offer raccoons a safe and comfortable place to rest or even have and raise their young. If you think there are raccoons in your attic, you will need to have an inspection done by a wildlife technician. If there are raccoons in the attic in Tampa, the technician will determine the best method for removal and let you know if there needs to be any repairs completed.

If raccoons have been in your attic for a while, there may be damage to your attic insulation.  If so, one of our skilled technicians will inspect the damage and offer you options for removing the attic insulation and replacing the attic insulation.  We proudly offer these serves in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas.  

Wildlife Prevention and Repairs - Raccoon Removal in Tampa

If wildlife like raccoons have damaged your home or attic, you will need to have repairs done to stop further entry from more raccoons or other wildlife. Critter and Wildlife Removal Services offers proofing to make sure entry points get sealed and animals can’t get back into your home. Sometimes animals will use insulation as their latrines and will ruin it. In addition to wildlife proofing your home, Critter and Wildlife Removal Services offers insulation removal and replacement.

After raccoons have been successfully removed from your property you will want to take steps to keep them away. Animal proofing your home will help for sure, but there are some other things you can do so that raccoons aren’t drawn to your home. It is important to keep your yard and garden well-maintained and free of trash and debris. If you keep your garbage can outside, only take out garbage from your home, the night before the garbage is picked up. Also it might be beneficial to keep the garbage can sealed or properly closed or even stored in the garage if possible. 

Additionally, you should have your home inspected for cracks, crevices and openings that raccoons might be able to chew or rip at and have them repaired. If you have pets, avoid feeding them outside and if you enjoy meals outside, make sure to always clean up afterwards.  These simple steps will help keep your home in Tampa free from raccoons. 

If all else fails, contact Critter and Wildlife Removal for raccoon trapping and raccoon removal in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Orlando, and the surrounding areas. 

Contact Critter and Wildlife Removal Services for Raccoon Removal in Tampa

For raccoon removal in Tampa and raccoon trapping in Clearwater, Tampa and Brandon, Florida, contact us today to schedule your wildlife inspection.

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