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Tampa, Florida Professional

Rat Removal

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Rat Removal in Tampa, FL

Rats are one of the most common animals to invade homes. Their small size and ability to squeeze through tight spaces makes it easy for them to gain access to just about any home. They are resourceful and persistent, willing to poke around until they find a way to enter. Once inside the walls or attic of your house, they can cause significant damage. They may also pose a significant health risk due to the diseases they carry.

Norwegian Rats: A Common Pet
Norway, or Norwegian, rats are the type of rats most commonly kept as pets, although you won’t want to try to domesticate a wild one. These rats are larger than other species, with a heavy and thick body, and may be up to double the weight of a roof rat. They have shorter tails and a brownish-gray fur. If they come indoors, they will stick to the lower levels. The damage they cause is typically related to burrowing, meaning they are more likely to damage sidewalks, foundations, structures, and patios.

Rat Control for Tampa
ResidentsRats pose significant health and safety risks to you and your family. They carry different diseases that can be transferred through their urine and feces. Rats are also known for the damage they do to wiring and insulation in walls and attics. These damages can be costly and require a professional to take care of the repairs.

Tampa: Roof Rat Damage

Roof rats, also known as black rats due to their black fur, are much smaller than their Norwegian cousins, and are often mistaken for mice. They have very long, scaly tails, that can measure up to 10 inches. Behaviorally, they tend to hang out on roofs and in attics, meaning the damage they cause will typically be seen on walls, insulation, pipes, and wires. While they have their differences, many of the important facts are the same. Rats carry dangerous diseases that can cause serious illness and death in both humans and animals. They can also cause extensive damage to your property and an infestation can occur quicker than you might think.

Professional Rat Trapping - Tampa

If you have a rat problem, avoid the dangers and damages by calling C&W Removal Services. Our professionally trained technicians know exactly what to look for in order to locate the entry points and seal them properly. We also have the proper tools and equipment to humanely trap and remove the animals from you home. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help will all of your wildlife removal needs.

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