Opossum Removal in Apollo Beach

If you have opossums in your loft, you need to get rid of them. Critter and Wildlife removal in Apollo beach offers opposum removal to give you an opossums free environment. Opossums in your lawn might not be too big of a deal, but if you’re seeing them outside consistently, you have a problem that has to be addressed. Removing opossums from the loft is a four-step process, however getting them from your yard should only need the first two, possibly three, measures below.

A Thorough Free Inspection

A thorough inspection is the first step in any top quality pest control procedure. Opossums are no different. Before your difficulty can be addressed, the origins have to be discovered. We will need to know why your opossum is there and how it’s getting there so we can provide a good solution.

Eliminate Opossums

After we have decided why and how your opossums are invading, we could get rid of the intruders. Opossum trapping isn’t a challenging procedure. Of all the animals we deal with, opossums are among the easiest to catch. However, should you try this process on your own, what will you do with them after you’ve caught them? State laws are extremely specific when it has to do with nuisance animals, we know the laws and always obey them (even though we do not always like to).

Critter Eviction and Food Source Control

Critter eviction and meals source control is the next step in the process. Opossums are passing animals by nature. So, if they’re hanging out more than a couple of days, there is a deeper problem that needs to be dealt with. Normally that dilemma is connected to some kind of food source. Opossums are excellent rodent hunters.

Opossums in the attic have generally followed rats or squirrels in. Our opossum solution will tackle any other animal problems we find during our first inspection. We’ll do what we can to seal your home and stop your house from being a place where opossums want to be long term.

Finally, the process wraps up using loft and insulation restoration. Much like all other attic invaders, opossums do damage to insulation by walking and pooping on it. Also, they often perish in the loft and bury themselves in the insulating material in the procedure. All this action damages your insulation and generates smells that you don’t want to linger on your attic. Our loft restoration service will make your attic space like new, or even better.