Critter Trouble: How to Keep Your Yard Opossum-Free

If you own fruit trees or have a garden, you know how wildlife can creep up on you and start feeding on your prized plants. Creatures like opossums and squirrels often go for trees, leaving damaged and inedible fruits in their wake.

You don’t even need to have a garden full of plants to see the damage of opossum. These nocturnal critters are notorious for rummaging through garbage cans and feeding off pet food bowls. If you suspect you have an opossum problem, read on for some remedies to it.

1. Understand their habits

Getting rid of an opossum in the Tampa Bay area means making nooks and crannies of your home exterior inhospitable to them. This means you should understand what conditions they like living in. Opossum’s prefer wooded areas or fields with nearby streams. If you live near the woods or a body of water, be prepared for the possibility of an infestation.

They also make their homes in crevices and abandoned burrows. An opossum will not be averse to living under a deck, or in the space under stairs. They feed on many things; fruits, insects, even small animals like mice. Opossum are nocturnal, and rarely venture out in the daytime, so it can be hard to catch them out in the open.

2. Use repellents

There are many options for opossum repellents in the market. You might attempt to ward them off with mothballs, ammonia, or even rodent spray. However, you might only have minimal success with these. A better option would be installing motion-activated sprinklers. These startle opossum and make them run off, but you will still need to find and destroy any nests they have on your property.

3. Trap the opossum

You can quickly set a trap on your own. This is another way to deal with an opossum infestation in your home. There are many medium-sized cages that can do the job. Get something that is the size and depth of two shoeboxes held together, and bait the opossum using overripe fruit. Lay food trails along where you know it travels at night, and lead it to the cage.

This method would need you to contact a wildlife removal specialist. Killing opossum and other wild animals are prohibited in most states, so when you find and trap one, you need to contact a professional to release it back into the wild.

4. Fence your property

Fencing around your garden should be at least four feet. Make sure the top portions face outward and away from your home. This would help prevent wildlife from entering through here. Of course, make sure you keep trees around your property pruned so that they don’t become an alternate way in for opossum and other wildlife.

It is also an option to at electric fencing at the top of your fence, although this might be a little too extreme for some people. It may be an option in grave situations, though, where the infestations are out of hand and interfering with daily life.

5. Take care of your yard

The best cure, as the saying goes, is prevention. Get rid of opossum in your garden by making it unappealing to them. This means you must always keep your trees and shrubs pruned, and you must always rake and brush debris away. Fruit should not be left on the ground when they grow ripe and fall, and garbage cans must be fitted with tight lids.

Do not leave out pet food at night, and close or block off entrances to areas like porches, decks, and the underside of staircases.

In conclusion

Dealing with an opossum infestation can be a nuisance but it is not a hopeless situation. You can eliminate them from your garden by keeping your yard clean and investing in some fencing. If you already have an opossum infestation, you can try to trap it. When you do, or if you cannot capture it, call a wildlife removal service. They can handle the capturing and transporting.

If you are looking for a specialist in the Tampa, FL area, Critter and Wildlife Removal Services is for you. We can help you with the removal and control of wildlife such as opossum, chipmunks, bats, gophers, and more. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about using traps in order to contain opossum problems on my yard. I’m considering to hire wildlife removal services soon because my cat gets a bit too territorial when she sees other animals in my yard. I don’t want her hunting them down and littering my property with carcasses so I’d rather just hire expert to hopefully catch the opossums without harming them.

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