Critter Removal in Tampa, Florida

Florida is a warm country and the scenery and climate of this”Sunshine State” have attracted enormous numbers of visitors including variety of animals equally aquatic and land-loving. This is not always a good thing as many native creatures  and small mammals in particular-have started to move in to homes. There can be so many critter removal services in Tampa, Florida and here are our top critters.


Raccoon’s favorites are trash cans. They often raided them and steal food. They also choose to reside in chimney or the attic of your house. Among Florida’s beautiful creatures, but frequently a nuisance. They can cause a great deal of damage, and spread diseases with their feces, so removal is usually recommended.


You will spot this creature in Tampa at night . This creature reside below your porch will take your pet’s food. The possum is not ugly, and a Florida survivor. Do not leave animal food out overnight and keep all shrubs and trees cut away from rooftops. Secure all shed doors and use metal flashing around tree trunks to prevent climbing.


Few are venomous, although there are various species of snakes in Tampa. Snakes are often spotted in the suburbs and less urbanized neighborhoods. Many snakes live in a general range larger than your property, and might just be passing through.


Rodent’s are famous for being inquisitive animals and will explore new areas to search for food. Rodents like mice and rats can appear cute and cuddly but they can be a menace for your property. According to CDC, they can spread over 35 diseases. Do not handle them by yourself!


Squirrels are one of the most common ground critters you may encounter. While these creatures can seem harmless and cute, these critters love to take advantage of the warm, secluded, safe habitat that our attics, sheds, and garages provide.

Critter Removal in Tampa, Florida

Our service is to provide animal control solutions for all sort of wildlife problem, whether it be the noises of squirrels running through the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, creatures digging in your yard, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon or other critter, we’ve got the expertise and the resources to quickly and professionally solve your issue.