Bat Removal in Apollo Beach

Bat Removal in your attic or roof is a high-risk job. Due to the disease concerns that include them, bats are the most dangerous creatures we deal with. Combining the disease risk with the simple fact which you’re able to fit up to a hundred bats, of some species, in a one-foot square, and you have a high probability of something going really wrong due to a bat invasion. If you even suspect that you might have a bat difficulty, please don’t hesitate to call Critter and Wildlife Removal in Apollo Beach.

Damage Bats Cause

Bats are small, wild creatures beneficial to our surroundings. Their droppings are an excellent fertilizer, they help us eliminate insects by feeding them, and some species pollinate flowers. Regrettably, those benefits only apply when we come across them outside — when found inside our houses, bats can cause a great deal of trouble and damage.

Bats are considered among the most destructive creatures which may be found in our houses (mostly attics) when in large quantities. The following are a few examples of the harm you can expect to discover in case you’ve bats on your house.

Structural Damage

Even if bats decide to select your loft as a new home, they will not be staying there all the time — bats still need to travel in and out to feed. This usually means that they may cause structural damage to a building by consistently using the very same spots as entry points.

Even though bats do not gnaw or chew, together with time their guano and urine will accumulate and may result in structural damage of your property, for example collapsing of the inside structures. Bats’ waste slips through ceilings and consequently destroys insulating material, causing severe damage to the construction.

Spread of Infection

The most dangerous issue with bats living in your attic is the diseases and parasites they may take. The bats hang from the ceiling and the waste that falls upon the ground is not one of their concern, which then can lead to the feces piling up. This is surely a permanent health hazard for you and your loved ones.

As mentioned above, one of the main issues with having bats in your attic is the fact that their guano can be very robust and accumulate very fast. This may lead to some significant health risks, as it provides a perfect place for mold to grow.