3 Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Restaurant – Our Guide

Regardless of whether you’re running a Michelin-star fine-dining institution or a rustic, homey bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town, a pest infestation will always be a big component in the recipe for disaster, especially during surprise health inspections. 

The inconvenience of having a pest infestation is a common nightmare that has caused thousands of restaurant owners to close shop and give up their dreams entirely. This is especially a challenge that many establishments continue to face to this day. Unfortunately, some pest problems cannot be solved within a day or a week before a health inspector comes. As a matter of fact, some problems may take up to almost a whole year to solve. 

Out of all the different forms of pest infestations to worry about, however, cockroach infestations have shown to cause the most severe problems for unlucky establishments. 

The root of any cockroach problem

Restaurants tend to struggle with cockroach infestations not only because the insects themselves carry viruses and other health problems, but simply because they’re the perfect shelter for these pests. With an abundance of food, water, and shelter in one location, it should come as no surprise that restaurants are a haven for cockroaches. This essentially makes them the most prone to severe cases of infestations. 

If you’ve been struggling to control a pest problem and keep your customers coming back for your delicious meals, there are a few ways to eliminate cockroaches with ease. If you’re tired of losing customers and living in fear of having your pride and joy close down because of one measly inspection, here are three simple, yet effective ways to eliminate cockroaches: 

1. Cut off food sources

The best way to take care of a cockroach infestation for good is to start with the biggest factor that keeps them in your restaurant in the first place: their sources of food. 

Aside from food scraps, cockroaches use their scavenger nature to subsist on other forms of sustenance, such as paper products, cardboard, and cloth items—all of which are abundant in restaurants. To ensure that your internal roach population declines due to starvation, you can start applying these tasks into your daily restaurant clean-up routine: 

  • Store alternative sources of cockroach food (such as cloth items, paper products, and cardboard) in dry areas and keep them far off the ground or take them to the recycling bin right away.
  • Scrub and vacuum every hidden or tight area in your dining area, kitchens, preparation stations, and bathrooms to get rid of crumbs and bits of spilled food that cockroaches can eat

2. Eliminate various water sources 

One of the most common errors that restaurant owners and staff make when in the kitchen is that they disregard any bit of water that’s spilled on the ground. Spilled water is just like food in for cockroaches and is a much more valuable resource for them simply because they can only live for a week without water (as opposed to a month at most without food). Aside from cleaning up every instance of spilled water in your restaurant, it is also important to make sure that every form of leakage from your pipes is fixed immediately and your ventilation is functional at all times. 

3. Hire professional pest control services

There is only so much that you can do by yourself to cut out a roach problem in a restaurant. If you’re facing such struggles, it’s best to bring in some much-needed professional help. As much as you can wipe out every source of food and water, the only way you’ll be able to keep your restaurant cockroach-free is to get regular preventative treatment from a professional pest control company.

Final words

Dealing with a cockroach infestation can be a significant problem for any restaurant that is trying to pass health inspections and establish itself as a world-class institution. Nevertheless, it isn’t as impossible to overcome as you might expect it to be. By following the tips in this article, you can get rid of any existing pest from your restaurant and keep it cockroach-free for the years to come with a critter removal service

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